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Donald Trump will live Tweet tonight’s Democratic debate

Donald TrumpDonald Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.Photograph by John Locher — AP

Tonight’s Democratic debate is expected to be a bit less lively than its Republican counterparts, mostly because of the lack of one person: Donald Trump.

Trump’s brash personality and penchant for personal attacks made the GOP debates of recent months must-see TV. Now, though, you can get The Donald’s thoughts on his potential general election rivals in real time, because he’s going to be live Tweeting the whole Democratic debate this evening.

Trump used Twitter (TWTR) to announce his plan, which will surely elate both his fans and those who just love watching his spectacle, political media included.

The debate coverage begins tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on CNN. Trump is a pretty prolific Tweeter, so this two hours should be fun.

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