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Jeb Bush is reaching out to Asia for campaign donations

Presidential Candidates Stump At Iowa State FairPresidential Candidates Stump At Iowa State Fair
Republican presidential hopeful and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaks to fairgoers during the Iowa State Fair.Photograph by Justin Sullivan — Getty Images

Jeb Bush is making fundraising calls to Americans living in China, the Financial Times reports.

He is hosting a fundraising event in Hong Kong where he is expected to speak to supporters via video conference. Bush anticipates 40 guests to attend; at $2,700 per guest, his campaign is expected to raise around $100,000. The event is being hosted by Michael DeSombre, the Republicans Overseas global president, who helped Mitt Romney raise $2 million in Asia during his 2012 campaign.

The group caters to the 8.7 million Americans living overseas. DeSombre says, “If they were a state, they would be the 13th biggest by population, but historically they have not had a voice because many do not vote,” although they are still affected by U.S. law, including tax demands and especially foreign policy.

Bush isn’t the only candidate reaching out to overseas supporters, but he’s the only one with a huge advantage in Asia, where his father and brother, both former presidents, have already built networks he can tap into.

A Bush supporter told FT that this is just the first of many Hong Kong events the candidate will host.