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Great Lakes Cheese supplier hit with animal abuse charge


Another farm has been busted for committing acts of animal cruelty, this time one that provides dairy to Great Lakes Cheese, a private company based near Akron, Ohio.

The animal welfare group Mercy for Animals infiltrated the Andrus Dairy in Wisconsin and recorded video of cows being kicked and punched, having their tails cut off with pruning sheers, and being shot in the face with high-pressure hoses.

In a statement to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Great Lakes Cheese noted that it only buys “infinitesimal amount of cheese from Mullins Cheese, of Mosinee, Wisconsin, which gets a small portion of milk from Andrus Dairy.” It also said it wouldn’t buy any more cheese that comes from dairy produced at Andrus.

The owner of the dairy told the Plain-Dealer that these were isolated incidents.

In August, Mercy for Animals helped Nestle make major changes to its farming standards after an undercover team captured an incident of cattle abuse at a Nestle dairy supplier in Wisconsin. In its release today, the group called on Great Lakes Cheese to follow the example of companies such as Nestle to improve its treatment of farm animals.