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  1. First Republic Bank is considering a sale after being caught in the turbulence of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse
  2. A major metro area just declared war on gas appliances — but not stoves
  3. U.S. demands that TikTok jettison its Chinese owners or risk being banned in another sign of rising international tensions
  4. South Carolina’s comptroller made a $3.5 billion accounting error—and now comes the repercussions
  5. Biological age is a better health indicator than the number of years you’ve lived—here’s how to measure it
  6. Silicon Valley Bank’s corporate clients aren’t getting any investor mercy. Their shares are down 6% even though their deposits are guaranteed
  7. Bad credit vs. no credit: Which is worse?
  8. After Twitter played a massive role in a historic $42 billion bank run, Elon Musk mused it was like 1929
  9. Financial planners say the right time to meet with an adviser is now—how to know if you should meet with a CFP, costs, and more
  10. Depression too often gets deemed ‘hard to treat’ when medication falls short. An overreliance on it can cause harm
  11. ‘What happens to all the debt?’ Founders and VCs have a host of questions about the fate of Silicon Valley Bank’s venture loans
  12. The real victims of SVB aren’t the tech elite: Hardworking business owners share their horror stories of the bank’s collapse
  13. With GPT-4, OpenAI’s chief scientist says the company has ‘a recipe for producing magic’
  14. The Credit Suisse turmoil triggered a throwback to 2008
  15. Credit Suisse is talking to the Swiss state about how to stabilize its stock after a record drop, sources say
  16. Honda is recalling 500,000 of its top-selling vehicles to fix seat belts that can fail to latch properly
  17. An exiled Chinese tycoon close to Trump world was just arrested on $1 billion fraud charges
  18. The state of Texas just took over the 8th largest school district in the country
  19. ‘Dr. Doom’ Nouriel Roubini warns that ‘contagion’ from U.S. bank failures and Credit Suisse’s problems could spread globally
  20. Prudential Financial’s CEO describes how ‘expanding access’ has been core to the company’s mission for nearly 150 years
  21. Credit Suisse’s distress sends markets tumbling and ignites more fears about the banking industry’s health
  22. The pros and cons of getting a money market account, according to financial advisers
  23. Many Gen Zers don’t believe they need a college degree for a successful career. They might be right
  24. Larry Fink is warning that after SVB another domino could fall soon, and it might be European giant Credit Suisse
  25. BlackRock’s Larry Fink sees the possibility of a broader banking crisis on the horizon: ‘Are the dominoes starting to fall?’
  26. Regulators are coming for OpenAI—but slowly
  27. The millionaire cofounder of Whole Foods says big business is the victim of unfair attacks and judgment despite being ‘the real value creators’ in the world
  28. The ChatGPT choice: Is improving web search worth exposing humans to tech that preys on their compassion?
  29. Ryan Reynolds cashes in on his budget wireless provider Mint Mobile for a cool $1.35 billion
  30. Kevin Hart wants to be the next Howard Stern as he re-signs with SiriusXM for a huge new deal
  31. The economist who won the Nobel for his work on bank runs breaks down SVB’s collapse—and his fears over what’s next
  32. SVB swag is a hot seller on eBay
  33. Elon Musk’s Starlink is transforming the Amazon, especially for criminals
  34. Your groceries will get stocked by robots and delivered by self-driving trucks (if you shop with Kroger)
  35. Oprah is celebrating her 100th book club pick with a modern-day homage to ‘Little Women’
  36. Is ‘DEI-hushing’ next? The danger in the Republican anti-woke response to SVB’s collapse
  37. America has a favorite new dog breed for the first time in 31 years as the French Bulldog unseats the Lab
  38. The DOJ and SEC are both probing the SVB collapse, source says
  39. The price of eggs fell 36% in February alone as wholesale price inflation massively slowed
  40. Dow drops 300 points as Credit Suisse sell-off in Europe spurs fresh bank fears
  41. Exclusive: Amboy Street Ventures closes a $20 million fund to invest in women’s health and sexual wellness
  42. Caffeine could reduce body fat and cut diabetes risk, scientists say
  43. Bank failures could spur Congress to act on stablecoins
  44. 80% of new hires who receive poor onboarding plan to quit—especially if they’re remote workers
  45. The SVB collapse adds financial instability to the Fed’s inflation fight. A recession may not be the worst outcome
  46. Bank of America won big from the Silicon Valley Bank collapse
  47. Here’s what CHROs actually think about the potential ban on noncompetes
  48. Largest U.S. regional sports TV network owner files for bankruptcy
  49. It’s time for CFOs to ‘adjust their burn profile’ and make available cash last two years, says the CEO of tech unicorn Clio
  50. Behind the scenes of Washington’s U.S. bank rescue after the SVB collapse: ‘We were racing against the clock’