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  1. What it’s like wearing Apple’s buzzy Vision Pro goggles and venturing into the weird and isolating world of virtual reality
  2. These Fortune 500 companies earn top marks for leadership
  3. ‘This was a backdoor:’ ByteDance’s ‘god credential’ let Chinese spy on Hong Kong’s civil rights activists, lawsuit says
  4. Reddit joins the tech layoff trend by cutting 5% of its staff amid a stalled IPO and effort to stop losing money
  5. Marc Andreessen, the VC who famously said software will ‘eat the world,’ now says A.I. will save it — so people should stop ‘freaking out’ about A.I.
  6. Sexual wellness startup founder is charged with forcing clients into debt and sex acts ‘under the guise of empowerment’
  7. Sam Altman says OpenAI won’t go public now because he may have to make ‘a very strange decision’ that investors will disagree with
  8. 4 tech giants accounted for more than 16% of Fortune 500 earnings—even in a down year
  9. Biden’s State Department rips Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters for ‘long track record of using antisemitic tropes’
  10. A major Russian oligarch says his fame and fortune—not his Putin connections—made him a target for sanctions: ‘He is rich, very, very rich’
  11. Tesla’s dropping of AM radio in its cars prompts broadcasters and lawmakers to fight back against the ‘betrayal’
  12. ‘Spider-Verse’ producers scoff at the idea that AI will be creative. ‘It’s our job as humans to keep making things new.’
  13. The ‘Elon Paradox’: He sells Teslas–but you’d expect him to drive a Ram. Here’s what your car says about your politics
  14. Here are 3 solid investments to consider during a recession (and 3 to avoid)
  15. Why OpenAI’s latest breakthrough to make ChatGPT safer is actually a step away from the A.I. we want
  16. Canadian wildfires are bringing smoke-filled air and a hazy orange glow to the skies above New York City
  17. Swift and Chainlink exploring how to connect financial institutions to blockchains
  18. The PGA-LVI merger is sending golf stocks skyrocketing and analysts say it will drive more interest in the sport
  19. Coinbase and Binance each see net outflows of more than $1 billion in 24 hours after SEC suit
  20. Apple’s new headset created a ‘sell-the-news’ event according to KeyBanc analyst who says short-term revenue gains will be ‘immaterial’
  21. A Canadian company just pleaded guilty to selling seal blubber as a nutritional supplement and will pay a $20,000 fine
  22. The new ‘Spider-Verse’ movie doesn’t have only one Latino Spider-Man. Oscar Isaac’s voice is bringing Miguel O’Hara to life.
  23. Salesforce is luring staff back to the office by donating $10 to local charities each day they come in
  24. The housing market is so broken that many 40- and 30-something millennials have no choice but to build homes in their parents’ backyards 
  25. Coinbase and Binance suits make for a grim week in Cryptoland
  26. An Italian court just weighed in on a Ferrari family drama pitting the car company’s chairman against his own mother
  27. There won’t be a ‘textbook recession’ anytime soon—and stocks will continue their rally this summer, says investment bank Stifel
  28. Haun Ventures leads $10 million funding round for Web3 gaming startup Argus Labs
  29. Ultrawealthy heterosexual couples are living like the 1950s never ended, according to research of 30 years of data
  30. A major insurance company let employees work remotely but the new CEO reversed the policy. Employees are outraged, with one calling it a ‘power move that is frankly disgusting’
  31. Tokens for The Sandbox and ‘Axie’ among those branded securities in SEC suits against Coinbase and Binance
  32. The PGA tour is merging with Saudi-backed LIV in a golf partnership that would end their tense legal battles
  33. Here’s why so many Reddit communities are planning to go offline for 48 hours (or more)
  34. Kicking the succession can down the road, JPMorgan assures investors Jamie Dimon has no plans to run for U.S. President—yet
  35. Astrud Gilberto, singer of ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ who claimed she didn’t see any royalties from the smash hit, dead at 83
  36. Gen Z students in Japan are getting job-market ready with lessons on how to smile again without masks
  37. Anna Shay, heiress, philanthropist and star of Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire,’ dead of a stroke at 62
  38. Prince Harry testifies that tabloids ruined his childhood but can’t recall specific stories saying ‘every single article’ caused him ‘distress’
  39. World Bank, disappointing every economist calling for a recession, upgrades global growth outlook for 2023
  40. Tim Cook says Apple’s new $3,500 goggles bring a ‘new dimension to powerful personal technology.’ Dan Ives sees 150,000 in sales.
  41. Crypto dodges a bullet as USDC not named in SEC’s Coinbase lawsuit
  42. Bitcoin and Ethereum sag as SEC suit against Coinbase weighs on crypto market
  43. Do you have travel rewards saved up? These are the best ways to use them
  44. The SEC’s complaint reflects badly on Binance—and on the SEC
  45. Harvard’s future of work professor sees one job in particular disappearing because of A.I.
  46. ‘The Money Doctor’ slams COVID lockdowns as the biggest policy mistake in modern times
  47. Meanwhile, a Bitcoin life insurer backed by Sam Altman and Google’s VC fund, raises $19 million at $100 million valuation
  48. The woman behind Meta’s advertising machine
  49. ‘You simply can’t ignore the rules because you don’t like them’: SEC sues Coinbase over securities law a day after suing Binance
  50. How to diagnose high turnover before it affects your bottom line
  51. Is Google a bad neighbor? A fight over water use at a huge data center is exposing deeper issues in an Oregon town
  52. ‘This not college. You are an adult, and we will treat you like one’: Wall Street CEO shares 15 pieces of ‘real’ advice he wishes he got as a summer intern
  53. Kyndryl’s CFO on the strategy that propelled the IBM spinoff onto the Fortune 500, boosted revenue, and saved millions
  54. The climate tech sector is booming—here are the applications VCs are most excited about
  55. Martha Stewart says America will ‘go down the drain’ if remote work continues—and calls France ‘stupid for having August off’
  56. California’s insurance market wobbles as two major companies pull out over wildfire risks and construction costs
  57. America can’t fulfill its purpose if we backslide on diversity, equity, and inclusion
  58. A ‘ducking’ annoying iPhone autocorrect issue is finally getting fixed—and it’s all thanks to A.I.
  59. Half of the world’s largest firms plan to cut office space—usually by 10-20%—survey from top real estate firm says
  60. 4 Fortune 500 companies are led by openly LGBTQ CEOs. Here’s what they’ve said about their experience in corporate America
  61. Fox shareholder Oregon is investigating if the board failed its fiduciary duties by allowing Fox News to broadcast false 2020 election claims
  62. The IMF’s No. 2 official says experts were wrong to ignore lost jobs from automation—and warns we ‘don’t have the luxury of time’ to regulate A.I.
  63. Microsoft will pay $20 million to settle U.S. FTC charges that it illegally collected kids’ data
  64. Hollywood takes another hit as actors union votes to authorize a strike
  65. Paris Hilton’s husband Carter Reum quit his ‘cushy job’ at Goldman Sachs to launch a liquor company—and sold it for millions. But he still denies he’s ‘made it’
  66. The Fed’s man-made housing market recession hit so hard that 4 real estate titans just lost their Fortune 500 status
  67. CEO Bill McDermott says ServiceNow is embracing generative A.I. to combine ‘machine speed and human judgment’