Micah Johnson

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    Aku Inc.

After playing for several Major League Baseball teams, Micah Johnson became a successful digital artist. One of his feats: Selling $1 million worth of art in 60 seconds. NFTs were, at first, just a way for Johnson to pay the bills and support a newborn. Johnson, who paints, often characterizes Black children in his images. He says he hopes to inspire youth—and everyone—to see what they’re capable of becoming. Aku—Johnson’s Black astronaut kid NFT character—was recently optioned for TV and film projects.





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Ethereum wallet: micahart.eth 


Favorite NFT artist: I honestly can’t pick just one!

Favorite NFT collectible: “‘Dreamers‘: It was the first time I tried to release the story of what became Aku and nobody bought it and it’s a reminder to myself to never give up on something I’m passionate.”