Josie Bellini

Courtesy of Josie Bellini
  • Title
    Artist & Founder
  • Company
    CyberBrokers & MirrorWare

A cryptoartist with a finance background whose work often relates to the inner workings of the digital asset world, Bellini is currently working on CyberBrokers, a project that will include 10,001 cryptoart collectibles. A CyberBroker's owner will then have access to MirrorWave, "a metaverse-native fashion brand" that Bellini is also creating, as she writes in her Substack newsletter.   Follow: Twitter Website OpenSea Newsletter Discord   Ethereum wallet: Josie.eth    Favorite NFT artist: Pascal Boyart Favorite NFT collectible: "One of my most prized NFTs in my personal collection is Cryptopunk #3318. I purchased her in April 2019 so that I could paint her my NFT-focused artwork that featured the biggest NFT projects of 2019."