Chua Sock Koong

IMPW 2019. 14.Chua Sock Koong
Courtesy of Government of SingaporeCourtesy of Government of Singapore
  • Title
    Group CEO
  • Company
    Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel)
  • Country

It’s been a tough year for one of Asia’s most powerful businesswomen. Chua Sock Koong has led Singtel, Southeast Asia’s largest telecom provider, since 2007. In the last year, she took a large pay cut—her pay was nearly halved from $6.1 million to nearly $3.5 million—as Singtel was looking at monetizing some of its loss-making digital investments. Singtel’s cyber-security business chalked up widening losses before interest and tax, to the tune of $102 million in 2018.

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