Lauren Bush Lauren

Lauren Bush Lauren, FEEDCourtesy of FEED
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    Founder and CEO

Lauren Bush Lauren has a talent for mobilizing young people around a good cause. The FEED founder has made a career selling simple bags, t-shirts, and accessories to the young and fashionable as a way to raise funds to fight global hunger; now, with FEED Supper, she’s encouraging her supporters to throw dinner parties for the cause, too. It’s kind of like a fundraising supper-club: A host organizes a dinner party with help from the FEED Supper team—which provides decorations and thank-you notes—and guests are encouraged to bring cash instead of the requisite bottle of wine as an offering. Thanks to a strong base of grassroots support and the power of social media, the initiative raised enough money for nearly 2 million meals in just a month. “It was such a thrill to go on Instagram everyday and see people spreading the word about the cause and posting photos with #FEEDsupper," says Bush Lauren. “The dinners accomplished what we had hoped they would, which was grassroots engagement around the issue of hunger.” This year's FEED Supper project runs from September 16th through October 16th, which is World Hunger Day.