Danielle Gould

Danielle Gould, Food + Tech ConnectPhotograph by Mona T. Brooks
  • Name
  • Affiliation
    Food + Tech Connect
  • Title
    Founder and CEO

What started as a site of record for the food tech world has evolved into a community and resource for the industry’s entrepreneurs. Gould has taken Food + Tech Connect beyond the online world to in-person meetups for all facets of the food economy, with these regular gatherings poised to expand beyond New York to San Francisco and Berlin. The site runs online and in-person courses on topics like crowdfunding and branding, and also facilitate hackathons. The most recent, Hack Dining, tried to tackle the issue of food safety compliance for restaurants. Gould’s influence on the industry goes far beyond Food + Tech Connect. She mentors entrepreneurs partnered with accelerators like Accel Foods and Food X and is involved with the Google Innovation Lab for Food Experiences. Next Gould and her husband are launching Alpha Food Labs, which will be what she calls an ecosystem that gives food innovators the workspace, community, consumer access and development resources they need to better transform the food industry.