Courtesy of XPLANE Corp.

    “I think the people here truly act as a family. ... They let me work remotely for a month when a family member was sick. They allowed me to have a compact, but short workweek of only 3 days that allows me to pursue other interests. When travel was really wearing me down, there was a dramatic effort to put me on projects that did not require travel,” says one employee at this design consultant. Read the Great Place to Work review here.

    Company Info

    IndustryProfessional Services
    Year founded1,993
    HQ locationPortland, Oregon
    Type of organizationPrivate
    Total U.S. employees32
    Total employees worldwide35
    Number of work sites1

    Flexibility Program

    Offers telecommutingYes
    % of employees who telecommute90%
    Offers flextimeYes
    % of employees who use flextime100%
    Offers job sharingNo
    % of employees who use job sharing-
    Offers compressed workweeksYes
    % of employees who use compressed workweeks5%
    Offers phased retirementYes
    % of employees who have used phased retirement-