Courtesy of Ryan

    “Ryan is very unique because of the MyRyan policy. The policy gives us the freedom that we deserve, no more working set hours. It’s all about the quality of the work we put out, not the hours we put in. MyRyan gives you the freedom to work with a peace of mind and also attend to personal matters without being harassed about it,” says one employee at this tax services and consulting company. Read the Great Place to Work review here.

    Company Info

    IndustryProfessional Services
    Year founded1,991
    HQ locationDallas, Texas
    Type of organizationPrivate, Partnership
    Total U.S. employees1,607
    Total employees worldwide2,098
    Number of work sites59
    Web addresswww.ryan.com

    Flexibility Program

    Offers telecommutingYes
    % of employees who telecommute90%
    Offers flextimeYes
    % of employees who use flextime100%
    Offers job sharingNo
    % of employees who use job sharing-
    Offers compressed workweeksYes
    % of employees who use compressed workweeks9%
    Offers phased retirementYes
    % of employees who have used phased retirement2%