Michael McCaffrey

Courtesy of Mitchell Vito Helson
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    The Block

Michael McCaffrey launched his career in finance on what many would consider the side opposite from crypto, working at Goldman Sachs and Citi. He decided to take the path less traveled, joining The Block in 2018 as one of its first employees when the crypto publication was staffed by a tiny team writing on Medium. Today, McCaffrey is CEO of the budding blockchain media empire, which produces in-depth data breakdowns of the crypto industry. McCaffrey has been hard at work on two projects that he hopes will help achieve his goal of turning The Block into the “Bloomberg of crypto.” The first is partnering with an outfit called Access Protocol that will allow readers to pay for web-based content with tokens instead of having to buy individual subscriptions. The second is a new suite of intelligence products that will help companies better understand the crypto ecosystem. With both, McCaffrey hopes to bridge the worlds of business and consumer readership.