Luciana Lixandru

Courtesy of Sequoia
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    Sequoia Capital

When venture titan Sequoia decided to establish a permanent foothold in Europe in 2020, the firm knew it needed a leading partner with European expertise and investing vision to help build the U.K.-based division from the ground up. Luciana Lixandru, who grew up in Romania and went to Georgetown University in the U.S. before becoming a standout investor at Accel, was the ideal pick. She became Sequoia’s first European partner in 2020. As an early investor in UiPath, the Romania-based software company, and Miro, the collaborative visual platform, Lixandru says she looks for firms that create “new categories” for consumers and enterprises. This March, she co-launched Arc, a two-month-long incubator program for founders from across the world that delivers a course on how to develop and market their chosen project.       Follow: Twitter