Courtesy of Variant
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    Cofounder and General Partner
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    Variant Fund

If Li Jin has her way, the next evolution of the internet will be the “user-owned web.” Variant, her early stage crypto-focused fund, recently raised $450 million for a third fund focused on making the world just and fair—by investing in crypto and Web3. The Harvard graduate and Andreessen Horowitz alum, who has said she’s often inspired by the ideological work of Karl Marx, has long fought for ways to give creator-workers more of a say with regard to their compensation, protections, and labor practices. She advocates an evolution toward labor laws “that protect modern internet-based workers.” This is personal for Jin: She herself is a longtime writer who currently publishes a newsletter on Substack. As she puts it, “The passion economy is the ‘what,’ and the ownership economy is the ‘how’”: how people can do what they love and express themselves creatively, while earning an income.