Michael Kapps

  • Age
  • Title
    Founder and CEO
  • Company
    Vitalk Health

Earlier this year, as the coronavirus was bearing down on Brazil, the country’s Ministry of Health turned to Kapps’s company, Vitalk Health (known until recently as TNH Health). Since 2013, the company has built a reputation for its text-based health outreach to low-income populations in Brazil—checking in via A.I.-driven but conversational and humanlike chatbots, on behalf of health organizations, to monitor patient health. Vitalk deployed its services and, in the process, virtually triaged an estimated 2 million people, identifying tens of thousands of COVID-19 cases among them. The coronavirus aside, Kapps, who is Canadian but moved to Brazil after college, has been focused on the rollout of the company’s new product, an A.I.-trained virtual companion that engages patients to help diagnose and improve mental health issues. Vitalk’s automated nature helps the company reach the vast population that is currently underserved by the health system; human therapists follow up with individuals in the most need. Demand for those services, mid-pandemic, is alas very strong too.

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