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    Founder and CEO
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    Shukun Technologies

Ma Chun'e, who also goes by Anne Ma, founded medical diagnostics startup Shukun Technology in 2017 in Beijing. Shukun’s artificial intelligence technology helps speed up the detection of illnesses like cardiovascular disease. Ma, the firm’s chief executive, founded the company because she wanted to help doctors in China’s busy hospitals diagnose patients more effectively. When the novel coronavirus hit Wuhan, its first epicenter, at the start of the year, Shukun researchers developed and rolled out an A.I.-powered COVID-19 diagnostic tool in just 15 days. Ma, who worked on A.I. for IBM for a decade before starting Shukun, says the system can identify the lung lesions that indicate COVID-19 in just three seconds. Shukun raised $28.3 million in its latest funding round in June.

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