Joao Canziani
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  • Title
    Group product manager
  • Company
    Google Health

What if you could identify a potential cardiovascular condition simply by reviewing scans of people’s eyes? It may sound like the stuff of science fiction—but it isn’t, thanks to efforts of people like Lily Peng, the 37-year-old product manager of research at Google Health. Peng, a doctor and scientist, is tasked with overseeing some of Google Health’s most ambitious efforts. She describes her mission as democratizing health care for the masses through the use of artificial intelligence. She has personally designed algorithms including the firm’s diabetes-related eye disease detection program. That sort of effort gets to the heart of Peng’s passion, the use of technology around the world from the U.S. to Europe to India, especially in places where there may be a shortage of health care providers, in order to make care more accessible.

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