Lauren R. Powell

  • Age
  • Title
    Vice president, head of Time's Up Healthcare
  • Company
    TIME'S UP Foundation

In the first days of nationwide protests over police brutality and racism in June, Lauren Powell connected the dots between two pressing national crises. As a vice president of Time’s Up leading its work in health care, Powell fights for gender and racial equity throughout the health system. A police killing of an unarmed Black person during the pandemic was her “nightmare,” she wrote in an op-ed, because such a tragedy would spark mass outrage and protests at what she, as a public health professional, viewed as the worst possible time. Powell’s was one of the earliest voices in health care to speak out about the intersection of protests against racism and the coronavirus pandemic as the two “infectious diseases” both ravaged Black communities across the country. During the crisis, she’s worked to make sure that the public remembers that—despite the white men lined up at government press conferences to give updates on the pandemic—women of color are the ones on the front lines keeping patients safe.

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