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Who said financial literacy couldn’t be cool? Certainly not Haley Sacks. It seems the 29-year-old has cracked the code to getting Generation Z interested in managing their money. Sacks, under the moniker “MrsDowJones,” has built a brand around educating her millennial and Gen Z peers about everything from how to make money during the pandemic to the ins and outs of the stock market through witty videos and memes. Since launching her social media brand back in 2017, Sacks has amassed nearly 160,000 followers on Instagram. Sacks’ integration of pop culture references and humor has helped the finance guru go viral—and defy the idea that finance is boring (and a boys’ club). After all, Sacks quips on her site, she aims to make “keeping up with the Dow Joneses as fun as Keeping Up With the Kardashians."