Falon Fatemi

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    Founder and CEO
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Falon Fatemi stood out from the pack even as a teenager. At 19, while still a student at Santa Clara University, she managed to land a full-time job at Google. She spent six years there, cutting her teeth in several departments including driving sales strategy and operations for the company’s core AdWords, online sales, and syndication partnerships teams and YouTube’s business development and partnerships team, focused on areas like live streaming, sports, and gaming. Fatemi shares the same drive and love of business as her parents, Persian entrepreneurs who came to the U.S. during the Iranian Revolution. In 2015 she founded the enterprise software startup Node, which specializes in using A.I. and cutting-edge data crunching to help corporate sales and marketing teams. In April, Node raised $6 million, bringing total funding to $40 million, led by the billionaire and Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban. Four months later, SugarCRM, an enterprise software firm, bought Node for an undisclosed amount with Falon planning to move on to new adventures.