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Custom Pro Logistics is a premier business solutions provider with an intense focus on customer service and refrigerated transportation. CEO Devin Reilly recognizes the challenges of hiring in this industry and the need to appeal to a younger demographic because the work is “demanding, stressful, and you have to be available 24/7.″

Additionally, the logistics space is rapidly evolving and heavily influenced by technology and smartphones in particular. Custom Pro Logistics has been able to keep up though, as evidenced by their impressive growth rate ($1M during their first year in operation in 2013 and over $26M last year). There has also been a lot of change happening in the neighborhood of Over The Rhine that they call home, which had previously been neglected. Devin says that being in this rapidly changing neighborhood “keeps you in the mind frame that change is good.”

Company Information

HQ Location
Cincinnati, Ohio
Business Leader(s)
Devin Reilly, CEO
2018 Revenues ($M)$31,000,000
Five-Year Growth Rate (%)199.39%