Trice Construction Company

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    Trice Construction company is an award-winning civil construction firm, strategic supplier, and self-performing concrete contractor of choice for utility industry infrastructure work. Trice works for Fortune 500 energy corporations, national infrastructure contractors, Top 100 general contractors and public sector clients. On a daily basis, Trice performs its core services to improve the infrastructure of its surrounding urban community of Chicago, Illinois. Trice’s urban location has allowed them to employ a diverse workforce close to their sites. The culture at Trice fosters a selfless service culture and places very high value not only on clients’ needs, but also on the internal needs of the company. This sense of commitment to their clients, as well as to each other, drives Trice employees to perform at a high level and to work together as a team.

    Company Information

    HQ LocationChicago, Ill.
    Business Leader(s)Stephanie J. Hickman, President & CEO
    2018 Revenues ($M)$24,922,929
    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)198.74%