Tezos Co-founder Kathleen Breitman Turns Focus to Video Games

September 7, 2018, 8:39 PM UTC

Kathleen Breitman, who is one half of the husband-wife team that launched Tezos, believes online video games are one of the most promising applications for the smart contract service that raised $232 million last summer.

Breitman dropped by Fortune’s Balancing the Ledger studio to share some of her latest ideas on Tezos and the future of blockchain projects. You can watch the full segment above to hear her remarks, which also provide an overview of Tezos’s aspiration to be a “digital Commonwealth.”

On the subject of video games, Breitman argues they offer a promising hook to get people to use cryptocurrencies.

“The reason I’m focusing on online video games is primarily because the users of these games tend to have the right profile for adopting new digital paradigms,” she said.

Breitman didn’t share many details about her new project, other than to say it will involve a separate company and that she will focus on building applications that are easy to use for the general public.

The opportunity to work on such projects is a welcome development for Breitman and her husband, Arthur, who spent months in a high-profile legal battle with a rogue director of the Tezos Foundation, an organization devoted to promoting the new blockchain technology.

Breitman noted the foundation has recently handed out over $30 million in grants to members of the Tezos community who are building tools and services for the platform.

She also weighed in briefly on the decision by Goldman Sachs to pull back on its rumored launch of a cryptocurrency trading desk.

“I’m not surprised it didn’t go through,” Breitman said. “There’s a paucity of sophisticated actors who understand bitcoin really well in these Wall Street firms.”