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Yonatan Adiri, the 38-year-old former chief technology officer for the former president of Israel, saw health care innovation in a ubiquitous modern-day tool: the smartphone. As CEO of, he envisioned a way to use the camera in phones to expand at-home access to healthcare, starting with urine tests, for purposes including monitoring kidney functions, catching UTIs, and managing prenatal care. An app guides patients through the process of using a dipstick urine testing kit, and an algorithm uses machine learning to assess the photos and send relevant results directly to doctors. The appeal is not just convenience. The technology offers cost savings—reducing clinic visits—and can help catch and monitor conditions earlier and more frequently. That’s a pitch that’s been picked up on by the U.K.’s National Health Service, among others; the NHS has been running projects using’s data. In January, the company expanded their tools to digital wound management. Amid the pandemic, Adiri admits that a major challenge has been remaining focused—and rejecting “COVID FOMO,” or the fear of missing out, by not pivoting to address the virus. But the executive notes that the company’s current patients aren’t going anywhere—“If anything, their challenges are about to be exacerbated due to the overall refocus” of the industry, he says. In other words: This is the right time to “double down” on what does best.

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