Zachariah Reitano

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    Cofounder and CEO
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In the span of just a few years, Zachariah Reitano has taken Ro from a firm focused on discreet delivery of men’s health products such as erectile dysfunction drugs to a firm with multiple verticals and partnerships with drug giants such as Pfizer.

It’s a telehealth model at heart, with an emphasis on online clinics and pharmacies. But since 2017 the company has significantly expanded its suite of services. In 2019 it launched Rory, a vertical focused on women between the ages of 45 and 65 and going through menopause. Its customers can get both community and medical advice through a virtual visit—a pioneering innovation for a very specific demographic that is often taken for granted.

The Pfizer partnership, struck in January 2020, is another example of the company’s growing influence. (Ro says it serves 96% of counties in the U.S. that have a dearth of primary-care facilities.) Zero, another vertical, focuses on smoking cessation. And in the age of the coronavirus pandemic, Ro has designed a telemedicine screening service for COVID-19.

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