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10 barware gifts for wine and cocktail fans

November 13, 2021, 2:00 PM UTC

It’s time to stock the bar of your favorite wine and spirit aficionado, and we’re going to do it without handing them yet another bottle of Pinot. The best gifts for those who adore the hedonistic pleasure of a bubbly glass of Champagne or peaty aromas of Scotch whisky are the items that take their barware collection to the next level.

From a travel aerator to a splurge-worthy spirits serving set, here are the 10 best barware gifts for this holiday season.

Sparkling wine preservation system by Coravin

Courtesy of Coravin

The wine preservation specialists at Coravin released the ultimate way to store Prosecco and Champagne without losing its bubble. Their newly launched sparkling system is made to maintain the fresh flavors and, of course, the fizz in bottles of bubbly, whether you’ll finish it later that night or the following weekend. In fact, it’s designed to maintain a bottle of Champagne up to four weeks in the refrigerator. The easy-to-use system includes a proprietary topper that snugly fits on any bottle type (standard, half bottle, magnum) as well as a charger that injects a layer of CO2 gas to protect the leftover wine. Stick it in the fridge, and simply open the topper when you next want to pour a glass. Suggested retail price: $399

Universal wine glasses from the king of glass design

Courtesy of Josephinenhütte

Austrian glass designer Kurt Josef Zalto—known for those other Zalto glasses—launched a new brand of hand-blown glassware and we’re impressed. Inspired by a Silesian glassworks company of the same name founded in 1842, Josephinenhütte combines artisan glassblowing with Zalto’s thin-walled, delicate, and light approach to wine glass design. The universal glasses make for a universal gift—made to serve white, red, sparkling wine, and even beer. SRP: $136 for a set of two

Coaster set by Lenox

Courtesy of Lenox

For every rocks glass you’ll need a coaster, so give the barware lover a set of classic porcelain coasters. This four-piece coaster and caddy collection features iconic motifs from famed producer Lenox, which has a 130-plus year history in the porcelain china business. Each coaster nods to a particular pattern, such as the fruit and berries of 1918’s Autumn collection and the plumage from Fountain, released in 1926. Coasters are dishwasher-safe, too. SRP: $60

Mocktail and mixer carbonation device

Courtesy of SPÄRKEL

Mix up mocktails or flavorful mixers with the handy Sparkel device, which allows you to infuse and carbonate liquids without a CO2 tank. By liquids we mean more than water—think juice, tea, wine—and to create the bubbles, it uses small sachets of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. The compact device fits easily on a kitchen counter, and offers five settings for fizz when designing a custom beverage. It’s perfect for whipping up evening mocktails, like a cherry apple cider fizz, or curating a collection of fruit-infused and/or herbal mixers for a cocktail party. The brand even stocks a healthy list of recipes on their site for inspiration. SRP: $120

Travel aerator and corkscrew

Courtesy of Aervana

Wine lovers who find themselves on the go—to the beach, picnics, tailgates, hiking trails, and more—will appreciate this handy aeration device that fits in your pocket. The Aervana Travel is a portable wine aerator and corkscrew set designed to serve as a decanter in all the places you can’t haul an actual glass one. The patented, one-touch technology provides six times the aeration of traditional pour-through aerators, leading to a smoother, more balanced glass of wine, all at the push of a button. Plus, it leaves all the sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Now, if only the recipient will bring that old Barolo on the next camping trip. SRP: $80

Glam, midcentury-style spirits server

Courtesy of Modloft

Statement-making furniture brand Modloft crafted a sleek spirits server, designed to fit on any bar top. With a mid-century-inspired aesthetic, this server holds spirits decanters and six rocks glasses. It’s a lot of crystal in one place, which is why this server excels at its function too. It’s laser-cut stainless steel with a walnut wood veneer, plus a solid brass base to hold it securely in place. SRP: $795

Dom Perignon champagne flutes

Courtesy of Riedel

Is this gift recipient a fan of Dom Perignon Champagne? If so, give a pair of these flutes, specifically designed to bring out the best aromatic characteristics of vintage Dom. Renowned wine glass company Riedel collaborated with former Dom Perignon chef de cave Richard Geoffroy to create the glass. They spent one year refining the perfect flute to enhance the fruit-forward characteristics of the wine while playing up the minerality and salinity found in the Champagne. Bonus points: Add a bottle of D.P. 2010 for a truly “wow” holiday surprise. SRP: $35 per glass

14-piece gold barware set

Looking to set up a budding mixologist with, well, everything they need? This 14-piece starter set has all the tools to shake, stir, and sip holiday tipples, wrapped in a very festive, dishwasher-safe gold finish. The husband-and-wife team behind A Bar Above customized every piece of barware after Chris, a veteran bartender, realized most kits don’t really serve their purpose: make the best craft cocktail. They also offer a free virtual cocktail course with tips for the tools. SRP: $100

Hand-blown glass ice bucket

Courtesy of Simon Pearce

Every great bar (and dinner party host) needs an elegant ice bucket in which to pop the Champagne. Enter: this modern interpretation by Simon Pearce. Hand-blown in the brand’s U.S.-based factories, this ice bucket features a square-inspired shape, allowing the flat panels to show off the clarity of the glass—and, of course, the bottle inside. SRP: $195


Courtesy of Glasvin

Some of New York City’s most acclaimed restaurants, including Gabriel Kreuther and Crown Shy, reach for Glasvin’s locally produced glassware like this decanter. Made in New York, the decanter combines modern form and great functionality in a hand-blown glass piece. The brand’s selling point? It doesn’t have nearly the markup of traditional stemware brands. It looks great on a table, and it’s easy to pick up and pour. Plus, it fits both a standard 750-milliliter bottle as well as a magnum, meaning it’s ready for any kind of party. SRP: $59

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