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A few companies made Facebook’s Meta rebrand moment all about them on social media

October 29, 2021, 3:33 PM UTC

Sometimes it’s hard to share the spotlight, and since Facebook’s been center stage so frequently these days—albeit not for the best reasons—it’s only natural that other companies are vying for attention. After Facebook officially announced its rebrand to Meta on Thursday, brands took to Twitter to make their own announcements. 


The fast-food company quickly changed its Twitter handle to Meat.


In response to Wendy’s, Arby’s made it clear that they “Have The Meats.”

Slim Jim

Also on the meat theme, Slim Jim went for MEATA, accompanied by its own logo redesign.


Cinnabon also jumped in with a Twitter name change that made possibly even less sense.

Shopify and Grammarly

The two brands also weighed in about changing their brand names to something meat-related.


Frozen meat brand Steak-umm was quick to make a TikTok on the “meatverse.”

And, of course, it threw down the gauntlet.


The beermaker’s graphic design team was clocking in overtime.


The candy brand adamantly announced that it would not be changing its name.

American Eagle

The clothing brand decided to weigh in on that one.

And it also announced its own rebrand.


Twitter had us for a moment.


Finally, Hulu announced it will not be considering a name change to “The Hulu.”

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