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How to pitch Fortune

April 15, 2021, 2:00 PM UTC
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Fortune works with freelancers every day, and we are always looking to expand our stable of smart, energetic, and reliable journalists who tell great stories. 

What makes a story a Fortune story? 

We’re a business publication, but we define business news broadly. Nearly everyone around the world makes money, spends money, and interacts with our global economy, and we believe that each piece of that is worth exploring. Our stories profile notable business figures, hold those in power accountable, help professionals and consumers make better decisions, and shine a light on new and interesting challenges and solutions. 

Our key areas of interest are finance, technology, health, science, careers, politics, leadership, and lifestyle coverage—so pretty much anything. If it’s a good story, we’re probably interested. 

A few of our recent freelancer stories that we’re proud of:

What are the basic guidelines for a story pitch? 

A story pitch should be a succinct summary—less than 500 words—that shows why your idea is original, why it matters, and why it’s urgent to tell it now. 

We want specifics. Don’t tell us about a topic you want to explore. Rather, explain the story you want to write: Who would be the hero of an article based on your idea? Who’s the villain? Where’s the drama? What big changes would you capture? What would readers be excited, surprised, or shocked to discover? You don’t have to know the full narrative arc, but indicate a few of the scenes or data points we can expect. 

Answer these questions: 

  • What has the competition done recently that might overlap with this story? What fresh angle or new material would you bring to it to make it distinctive? 
  • What kind of access, if any, do you have to the companies or people you plan to write about? 
  • How much reporting have you already done? 
  • How much time do you think it will take you to do the story? 
  • What resources can Fortune provide to bolster your journalism? 

And include a few links to your past work. 

We do not review pre-written articles. We want to work with you to shape the story.

Pitches that do not follow these guidelines won’t be reviewed or responded to.

Where should I send my pitch? 

Pitches should be emailed to the following editors based on topic area. 

Finance pitches (banking, economics, stock market, investing advice, cryptocurrency, personal finance, etc.) should be sent to Lee Clifford ( and Matt Heimer ( 

Technology pitches (social media, cloud computing, data privacy, A.I., etc.) should be sent to Verne Kopytoff ( 

Lifestyle pitches (travel, food and drink, luxury retail, etc.) should be sent to Rachel King ( 

Pitches for stories about companies, governments, and markets in Europe and Asia should be sent to Claire Zillman (  

All other pitches should be sent to Rachel Lobdell ( 

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