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How to find COVID vaccine appointments in all 50 states

April 7, 2021, 2:00 AM UTC

This week, 12 more states are expanding COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to all adults. That means all adults are now vaccine-eligible in over half of the 50 U.S. states. That’s great news for many, and it reflects strong progress in the U.S. vaccination effort.

But officials and experts have warned to expect serious competition for appointments, especially in the early weeks of expanded eligibility. So if you haven’t yet navigated the lab-rat maze of portals to secure an appointment, it’s time to jump in before someone else gets your cheese (that is, vaccine).

Here’s what you need to know, starting with a broad overview of how the system works. A list of key vaccine signup resources in each state and D.C. follows.

This is a live list. To submit a resource for inclusion, please email

The basics of U.S. vaccine signups

The most important thing to know about the U.S. COVID-19 vaccine signup system is that it doesn’t exist: There is no overarching national signup system. Instead, the Trump administration left it to individual states to figure out, so as you’ll see, some states have far more and better systems and tools than others. Many states provide only vaccine locators—maps or guides to vaccination locations such as hospitals. These generally don’t offer direct booking, so you’ll have to contact sites directly to book an appointment.

Only a handful of states and regions have built the pre-registration systems considered the ideal solution by many experts. These systems allow you to submit your information so you’ll be contacted when you are eligible or an appointment is available.

Meanwhile, there is a largely separate ecosystem of vaccinations offered through pharmacies, including chains and independent outlets. Fortune has put together this detailed guide to looking for pharmacy appointments.

Finally, to address the fragmentation of signups, nonprofits and other groups have built a variety of tools and resources for collating and distributing appointment information from various sources. These include Twitter bots with live appointment information. Where appropriate, we’ve included links to these local resources below.

But according to experts, the best resource may be local “Vaccine hunter” groups on Facebook, where residents of particular counties, cities, or small states share tips. There are perhaps thousands of these groups, so we’re only including some of the largest in our guide. To find the right one for you, use Facebook’s search feature and input something like “[your county] vaccine appointment group,” or check, a guide to these groups.

Before you sign up

Be ready to take any appointment you can access. That may mean booking one at an inconvenient time or a long distance away. There is incredible demand for appointments, and while things likely will get continually easier, you’re doing everyone a favor by taking the first slot you can make work, even if it’s less convenient than you might like.

Getting vaccinated is a selfless act. Vaccinations slow or stop the spread of COVID-19, and getting vaccinated doesn’t just protect you—it protects everyone around you. So as long as you’re not misrepresenting a health condition or otherwise cutting in line, grab that appointment and don’t hesitate.

The coronavirus vaccine is FREE to all U.S. residents. You should not be charged for the vaccine itself, or any administration fees.

Have your information handy. That includes a state I.D. and evidence of any medical condition impacting your eligibility (though enforcement of that documentation has been spotty). And while medical insurance isn’t required to get the vaccine without charge, you should have your account information ready if you do have insurance, both at signup and when you go to get vaccinated.

Nationwide resources

A handful of services will help you find vaccines across the country.

Pharmacy programs: Large chain pharmacies such as CVS and Rite Aid offer vaccinations. Our guide to pharmacy signup systems has more details.

Pharmacy vaccine locators:,,, and all aggregate vaccine and appointment availability at pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens.

Tip: Most vaccine-search sites do not actually allow you to book appointments. One way to speed up your booking process is to open a pharmacy booking site, such as Walgreens’, alongside a search site, so you can book appointments as soon as you locate them.

Dr. B standby list: Because COVID vaccines have a limited shelf-life, leftover vaccines from missed appointments must sometimes be used on short notice before they go bad. This site helps connect you with unclaimed doses across the country. This is a spectacular catalog of state and regional Facebook groups that help members navigate the complexity of the appointment-search process. Vaccine-finding experts consistently recommend these groups as essential resources for finding a vaccine.


Vaccine signup resources by state

This alphabetical list includes government signup portals and waiting list pages, as well as unofficial regional vaccine-finding tools, from the most elaborate trackers to simple Twitter accounts. We will continue to update this list with new resources as we learn of them.

Tip: To quickly find your state on this list, type Control-F on a PC, or Command-F on a Mac, and search your state’s name.


Alabama Public Health vaccination portal

Pharmacy search dashboard

Alabama state vaccination sites guide (including walk-ins)

Alabama National Guard mobile sites guide (walk-ins)


Alaska Divsion of Public Health vaccination portal

Alaska vaccine appointment tracker (various cities)


Arizona Department of Health Services

Phoenix-area vaccine finder (Maricopa county)


Arkansas Department of Health vaccine locator


My Turn state vaccine scheduling portal

California Vaccine Bot appointment tracker

Los Angeles Find My Vax L.A. Bot

San Francisco Bay Area Vaccine Notification (Telegram channel)


Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment vaccine guide (includes walk-in locations)

Colorado Vax Alerts Twitter appointment bot

Colorado Vaccine Spotter (pharmacy appointments)


Connecticut state vaccine search tool


Delaware state vaccine site (includes waitlist)

District of Columbia (D.C.)

D.C. vaccine pre-registration site


Florida state vaccine finder

Florida Covid Vaccine Hunters Facebook group

South Florida COVID-19 Vaccination Info Facebook group


Georgia state vaccination site list

Georgia Vaccine Hunters Facebook group


Hawaii state vaccine locator


Idaho vaccine pre-registration page


Illinois vaccine locator

Chicago Cook County COVID-19 Community Vaccination Program

Chicago Vaccine Hunters Facebook group


Indiana vaccine signup portal

Indiana vaccination site guide


Vaccinate Iowa state vaccine locator

Iowa Vaccine Alerts Twitter notification bot

Vaccine Hunter search portal (includes states near Iowa)


Kansas health authorities are referring shot-seekers to


Kentucky state vaccine locator


Louisiana state vaccination site guide

New Orleans NOLA Ready vaccine guide

NOLA Vaccine Hunters Facebook group


Maine vaccine pre-registration portal

Maine vaccine guide (includes major hospitals)


GoVAX: Pre-registration for Maryland mass-vaccination sites

Maryland Vaccine Hunters Facebook group

Las Caza Vacunas vaccine assistance Facebook group


Massachusetts Department of Public Health vaccine site guide

Massachusetts vaccine appointment finder (includes pre-registration link)

Massachusetts COVID Vaccination Help (for those facing challenges booking appointments)

Vaccinetime Massachusetts vaccine appointments Twitter bot


Michigan vaccine locator


Minnesota vaccine locator

Star Tribune vaccine search guide


Mississippi State Department of Health vaccine provider map


Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services vaccination site finder

Kansas City KC Vaccine Watch Twitter account


Multi-State Partnership for Prevention vaccine locator

Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services vaccine locator


Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services vaccine pre-registration portal

Midwest Vaccine Hunters Facebook group


Immunize Nevada pharmacy vaccine locator

Immunize Nevada county-by-county vaccine guide

Nevada vaccine notification signup

Las Vegas Vaccine Hunters Facebook group

New Hampshire

New Hampshire state registration site

New Jersey

New Jersey vaccine pre-registration portal

Vaccine Bot NJ Twitter appointment alerts

New Jersey COVID Vaccine Info Facebook group

New Mexico

New Mexico Department of Health vaccine registration site

New York

Am I Eligible state vaccine booking portal

New York City:
NYC Vaccine List
NYC city government vaccine finder
TurboVax NYC vaccine appointments Twitter bot

Alliance for Better Health capital-region vaccine pre-registration list

North Carolina

MySpot.NC.Gov North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services vaccine finder

North Carolina COVID-19 vaccination registration portal (health care provider pre-registration required)

NC/SC Vaccine Hunters Facebook group

North Dakota

North Dakota state vaccine locator


Get the Shot appointment portal

Ohio mass-vaccination sites

Ohio Vaccine Hunters Facebook group


Oklahoma State Department of Health scheduling portal

Oklahoma City:
Tinker Air Force Base appointments (base access required)
OKC Indian Clinic signup guide (open to general public)


Get Vaccinated Oregon vaccine locator

Oregon Vaccine Hunters Facebook group


Pennsylvania Department of Health vaccination guide

PA CoVID Vaccine Match Maker Facebook group

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Department of Health vaccine information page

Department of Health vaccine availability notification signup

State-run vaccination booking portal

Lifespan hospitals vaccine booking portal

South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control vaccine locator

NC/SC Vaccine Hunters Facebook group

South Dakota

South Dakota Department of Health vaccine information page

List of vaccine providers by county


Tennessee Department of Health vaccination appointment portal

Tennessee state vaccine locator

Tennessee Vaccine Hunters Facebook group


Division of Emergency Management and Department of State Health Services vaccine locator

State vaccination sites guide

Austin City of Austin vaccine pre-registration

Dallas-Fort Worth DFW Covid Vaccine Finder Facebook group

Houston-area vaccine registration portal (Harris County)


Utah vaccine distribution site (includes local health department information)

Salt Lake City:
Mass-vaccine sites appointment portal
Vaccinate Utah vaccine appointment portal (SLC only)


Vermont Department of Health vaccine signup portal


Virginia Department of Health vaccine pre-registration portal


Washington Department of Health vaccine locator

State vaccination site guide

Find a COVID Shot WA vaccine-hunting Facebook group.

West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources vaccine pre-registration and information portal

Mass-vaccination site guide


Wisconsin Department of Health Services state vaccine signup portal

State vaccine locator

Wisconsin Vaccine Hunters and Angels Facebook group


Wyoming county vaccination directory

State vaccination site guide