TripIt adds COVID-19 travel guidance to its widely used app

February 8, 2021, 9:30 PM UTC

Travel has changed a lot in the past year, and it has changed even more rapidly in the past few weeks. Masks are now mandated in all transit hubs as as well as on public transportation and airplanes. And negative COVID-19 tests and hotel quarantines have become mandatory for international travelers in many more countries.

With travel protocols and restrictions changing constantly, trip planner app TripIt recently added destination-specific travel guidance to help users stay up-to-date on COVID-19 requirements at their destination as well as for any stops along the way.

TripIt, a subsidiary of corporate-expense software company SAP Concur, is a mainstay among business travelers. Its COVID-19 guidance, surfaced from travel-risk intelligence firm Riskline, can be found using the Guidebook button on the trip itinerary screen of the TripIt mobile app.

Updated daily, TripIt provides information on local infection rates, testing requirements, and PPE mandates.
Courtesy of TripIt

Once a trip is booked—whether it involves a flight, hotel, vacation rental, or any form of travel—users can see the latest information on COVID-19 for the destinations they’re visiting.

This includes key information about infection rates, hotspots, and any quarantine or testing mandates—including health documentation requirements, entry and exit rules, travel bans—for travelers entering the area. Travelers can also monitor regulations currently in place, including mask requirements, curfew orders, and restrictions on dining and shopping.

Travelers can access guidelines issued for destinations—such as health documentation requirements, entry and exit rules, travel bans—directly from the TripIt mobile app for iOS and Android.

For additional COVID-19 travel guidance, TripIt users can view a health and medical score for the area they’re visiting, which factors in COVID-19 data broken down by region (in the U.S. and Australia by state, and in Canada by province), with a search function for local hospitals and pharmacies. Another feature is the Traveler Resource Center, which houses a collection of public health and safety advisories, booking cancellation and travel policies, and more.

The COVID-19 information is now available to all TripIt users (both paid and free) under the Guidebook button. 

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