10 Fantastic Digital Stories We Published This Year

December 19, 2019, 2:49 AM UTC
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For generations, FORTUNE has been known for its print magazine—but you wouldn’t believe the wonderful stories we’ve published exclusively on Fortune.com.

Below, ten of our favorites from 2019:

How the Man Who Nailed Madoff Got GE Wrong
Senior-editor-at-large Shawn Tully writes about the standoff between GE and accounting sleuth Harry Markopolos, who believes the company “is engaged in accounting fraud so vast that the storied conglomerate will soon be forced into bankruptcy.”

No Safety Switch: How Lax Oversight of Electronic Health Records Puts Patients at Risk
In one of an ongoing series of reports, Fred Schulte and Erika Fry investigate how special interests and congressional inaction doomed efforts to regulate electronic medical records.

Powering Down: Inside the ‘Silicon Valley’ Series Finale with Mike Judge and Alec Berg
The cocreator and executive producer of HBO’s hit tech satire tell Stacey Wilson Hunt what made ending their Emmy-nominated series so complicated (and how they landed a Bill Gates cameo).

Black Women Can’t Bridge the Gender Gap Alone
Ellen McGirt offers readers a personal story on Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.

Disinformation for Hire: How Russian PR Firms Plant Stories for Companies in U.K. News Outlets, Social Media
Jeff John Roberts reveals how Russian disinformation campaigns have continued long after the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

As the Steel Industry Falters, Will Trump Pay a Political Price?
Mike Hofman evaluates whether the steel industry—upon which Donald Trump built his reputation as a real estate developer—will continue its support of the president as his tariffs fail to spark a turnaround.

How Comedy Central Grew Up to Hold Its Own Against Netflix
With Trevor Noah at the Daily Show desk, a more inclusive slate of scripted series, and a new “strategic” approach to stand-up, can the network reclaim its name in the streaming era? Stacey Wilson Hunt investigates.

Why Beijing Is So Reluctant To Suppress Protests in Hong Kong
Hong Kong correspondent Eamon Barrett explains dueling perspectives on display during the Hong Kong protests.

What Happens When Your Business Relies on the Boeing 737 MAX? Just Ask Norwegian Air
Geoff Smith examines the fallout from Boeing’s 737 Max scandal by looking at one air carrier that bet big on the model—and lost.

Putting a Price on Suffering
Our brilliant video team shows how negotiating a settlement in sexual abuse cases often brings more pain.