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Carnival Cruise Ships Might Be Barred From U.S. Ports

One of the biggest cruise lines around may temporarily be unable to operate in the United States if a federal judge follows through on his threat.

U.S. District Judge Patricia Seitz said she is considering stopping Carnival Corp. from docking its ships in U.S. ports after the company possibly violated its probation agreement with the U.S. A final decision will come in June.

Carnival, in a statement to the Miami Herald, said it believes others have mischaracterized some actions to the judge and intends “to fully address the issues.”

Carnival, as part of a $40 million settlement for dumping oil in the ocean from its Princess cruise ships, has been on probation for the past two years. Court documents cited by the Herald allege the company has since falsified records, dumped plastic garbage in the ocean and attempted to quietly change the terms of the settlement with the U.S. Coast Guard.

Carnival has had a string of bad luck over the past year or so. Last January it adjusted its earnings outlook, lowering forecasts. In December, a passenger went overboard and was never found. And a brawl last February between 23 family members (yes, 23) resulted in people “walking around with cut heads and hands and bandages everywhere.”