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New Trump Rules Make it Easier for U.S. Gun Makers to Sell Overseas

New rules put in place by the Trump Administration will make it easier for U.S. weapons manufacturers to send products overseas.

After the new rules go into place in less than a month, semi-automatic weapons, flamethrowers, and some grenades will all be easier to ship to other countries, NBC News reports.

The regulations will make it so gun makers will no longer need a license from the Department of State to sell a number of different weapons to other countries, instead, they’ll only be required to have a no-fee license from the Department of Commerce.

The move will ultimately make it harder to track how weapons are being used overseas. It will also likely make those weapons cheaper. The State Department typically charges a $2,240 annual fee to export firearms, the Commerce’s licensing process is free.

The new rules are part of Trump’s move to reduce government regulations. Weapons that it considers to have an “inherently military function” will remain under the State Department.

The move is the latest of many gun-related changes during Trump’s presidency. In February 2017, he repealed an initiative that would have made it harder for people with a mental illness to buy a gun. Trump has also suggested offering bonuses for teachers willing to carry guns in their classrooms.