Indonesia Airline Adds Live In-Flight Music to Court Millennials

January 11, 2019, 4:17 PM UTC

Pop quiz frequent flyers: What’s the absolute worst thing you can imagine as you fly across the country?

If you answered live acoustic music concerts, you might want to avoid Indonesia’s Garuda airlines.

The carrier says the 10-15 minute mini concerts, which began this week, are aimed at attracting a millennial audience “who want a different flight experience.” The carrier says it wants to promote upcoming talent in the shows.

The only thing that will prevent the performances? Turbulence.

It’s an unusual attempt to woo flyers. Perhaps mercifully, the concerts are unlikely to make their way to the U.S.. Southwest airlines tested live shows on flights in 2017, working with Warner Music Nashville. The practice didn’t stick amid mixed feedback from passengers.

Airlines around the globe have been battling a growing number of stories about negative flight experiences. Last year, for instance, passengers on an American Airlines flight were asked to urinate in plastic bags after the plane’s lavatories were rendered inoperable.

In flight entertainment is one way to make passengers happy, which is why many carriers, including Delta and American, offer a large catalog of movies, TV shows and games to passengers for free.