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Fortnite Gets More Addictive With the Introduction of Fortnite Creative

Parents weary of prying their child away from a game of Fortnite may find it even harder to do so in the coming days.

Epic Games has announced Fortnite Creative, a new mode with more custom features, giving players the ability to design their own games and battle friends in new ways. It will be available to premium players Thursday and everyone on Dec. 13.

Fortnite Creative exists as a menu option alongside the game’s popular Battle Royale mode. Once selected, it lets players create their own islands and games using Fortnite‘s assets, rather than the game’s standard ever-shrinking field of play.

Examples include racing and action combat games, as well as a cinematic mode, letting players make movies using in-game assets. They can save those creations and invite friends to play on their island.

Fortnite fever in 2018 has grown at a breathtaking pace. In late November, Epic Games reported the number of registered users hit 200 million—up from 125 million in June and 40 million in January. The game crossed the billion-dollar threshold in July and has become a touchstone in the industry, with competitors, including Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Take-Two Interactive Software’s Red Dead Redemption 2, now offering their own take on the Battle Royale mode.

Players who have bought the Fortnite Battle Pass, a premium service that costs about $10 per season, will have first access to Fortnite Creative when the game’s seventh season launches Friday.