Why Katy Perry Paid $50,000 for a Date With Orlando Bloom

December 4, 2018, 9:03 PM UTC

Money can’t buy love, but musician Katy Perry did use money to prevent a fan from going on a date with her love at a charity auction Sunday.

Perry was auctioning off a motorcycle date with her actor boyfriend Orlando Bloom to raise money for the thousands of displaced victims of the Woolsey Fires in California before realizing that she’d rather pay the tab herself, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“You’re going to be holding him in a way that I am not excited about,” Perry said onstage at the One Love Malibu festival, as can be seen in an Instagram video below. “You’re holding his pecs and his six-pack…”

When a fan identified as Laura bid $20,000 for the date with Bloom, Perry declared, “I’m sorry, I’m buying it for $50,000” before doing a literal mic drop and leaving the stage in a wave of cheers.

Recently named this year’s highest paid female musician by Forbes, Perry can certainly afford the expense. According to the business magazine, on top of reportedly making $20 million-plus for appearing as a judge on Fox’s reboot of American Idol, Perry also grossed more than $1 million a night while playing her 80-date Witness: The Tour.

And the money goes to a good cause. On top of destroying an estimated $6 billion of real estate in Los Angeles and Ventura county, the Times of San Diego reports that the Woolsey fire killed three people, injured three fire fighters, destroyed 1,643 structures, damaged 364 more, and burned 96,949 acres.