Travel Essentials for the Business Globetrotter This Holiday Season

December 1, 2018, 1:00 PM UTC

There is a holiday gift guide tailored for virtually everything and anything. Everyone and anyone. FORTUNE has plenty of its own, including for video games, coffee and tea, bourbon and spirits, luxe lifestyle, wine, and even gadgets for wine! (And then there is our supreme Christmas guide with gifts for just about anyone on your list.)

But honestly, sometimes we just look at these gift guides for ourselves more than others. And why not? There are plenty of bright baubles and shiny (expensive) objects to behold this time of year, and it’s hard to look away. Plus, there are plenty of good deals out there, making it all the more appealing to stock up on things you might need (or just plain want) for yourself right now.

And for anyone planning to travel this holiday season, deals for tech and travel gear couldn’t be better than right now. Here’s a very short list of some essentials you should consider packing before leaving home.

Google Launch The Pixel 3 XL
A member of [hotlink]Google[/hotlink] staff shows the the new [hotlink]Google[/hotlink] Pixel 3 to a guest at a Google hardware launch event at The Yard on October 9, 2018 in London, England.Jack Taylor Getty Images
Jack Taylor—Getty Images

Google Pixel 3: I’m not someone who can travel without a camera. But sometimes, it’s cumbersome and exhausting (not to mention extra costly) to tout around a higher-end apparatus that takes excellent photos. In the last year, truly, smartphones have finally caught up to at least point-and-shoot cameras at the highest rung. And, while this is entirely subjective and not based on processor tests, etc., the Google Pixel 3 is truly the best of the best when it comes to smartphone cameras, at least in my humble opinion. (An opinion formed by covering cameras, smartphones, and the cross-section for a decade.) I’m not alone either as the Pixel 3 has drawn extensive praise from tech journalists, photographers, and camera enthusiasts alike since it debuted in early October. But it’s not just the camera that makes the Pixel 3 standout from the pack—not just the iPhone but also any other Android device (GOOGL) on the market because it ships with no bloatware and instead just delivers the easiest setup process imaginable. This should be your navigator and photographer on-the-road. SRP: $799.99 or $33.33 per month on Verizon (VZ) for the Pixel 3; $929.99 or $38.74 per month for the Pixel 3 XL. It’s also available in three colors, which Google describes as “Black, Clearly White, and Not Pink.”


Bellroy Phone Wallet for the Google Pixel 3: A minimalist design reminiscent of a Moleskine notebook, Bellroy’s leather phone wallet for the Pixel 3 can store up to four cards (and a few more if they’re extra slim, although the retailer specifically only advertises room for four). Two cards slide into the flap for easy access, while another two can sit behind the Pixel, which really does easily pop in and out—but not too easily as it is secured by a magnetic closure. The interior is lined with a soft microfiber fabric, and the exterior also sports a magnetic flap closure that doubles as a stand. SRP: $89; available in five shades (black, caramel, navy, coral, and graphite).

Holly & Tanager
Holly & Tanager

Holly & Tanager: Sure, your phone can replace the need for a wallet these days—at least while at home when you only need a few cards, like a state ID or driver’s license and a subway pass. But even if you have your credit cards loaded to Apple Pay or Google Pay, if you’re going abroad, you should really carry the hard copies and (obviously) your passport. It’s also still a good idea to have a few printouts ready of other documents, like your hotel itinerary, in case your phone battery dies. Thus, a sizable travel wallet fits the bill. (And paper bills, pardon the pun.) Holly & Tanager makes a number of stylish travel products, including a versatile travel wallet (that doubles as a wristlet), with zippered interior pockets, cardholder pockets, an ID pocket, and an interior sleeve big enough to hold a smartphone. SRP: $175.

Modern Picnic
Modern Picnic

Modern Picnic: Even for those who love to travel free without an itinerary, there should be one ground rule: never travel too hungry (i.e. hangry). It’s always a good idea to bring snacks, but admittedly, there aren’t a lot of great options (at least aesthetically) for transporting snacks or lunch. Meet Modern Picnic, the lunch box that grew up and is now a sophisticated traveler. Outfitted in vegan leather with an insulated interior, there is plenty of room inside the bag, which could double as a much more expensive Mulberry purse, with pockets and slots for cutlery. SRP: $149.

Wicked Audio

Wicked Headphones: We’ve reached a point in history in which all headphones should now just be wireless. And wow, does it make any movement while in a cramped airplane seat all the easier. For long-haul flights, noise reduction is crucial if you’re going to get any rest. The Wicked Audio HUM 1000 headset is wireless, connects to your devices via Bluetooth, and promises active noise cancellation with 97.5% ambient noise reduction. These particular headphones seem built for active travelers, with soft-tech cushions, a 13.5-hour battery life, a collapsible and fold-up form, and, of course, a travel case. SRP: $99.


eBags: A suitcase can now do the work for you when it comes to looking chic at the airport. The eBags Fortis 22″ Hardside Spinner Carry-On is both modern in both style and security, made from ultra-durable Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate material with a mirror finish and a raised rib design, which should reduce scuff visibility. Equipped with a telescoping handle and a quartet of silent 360-degree spinner wheels, the eBags carry-on features a fully-lined interior, tie-down straps, and a zippered divider establishing two separate packing areas. Although the hard-shell exterior is expandable up to 1.5 inches, eBags boasts the suitcase should meet most airline carry-on size and weight restrictions. To top it all off, there is a flush-mounted TSA combination lock for added security. SRP: $199.