Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Luxury Lifestyle

November 1, 2018, 4:00 AM UTC

Halloween is over—and now the real fright begins.

The holiday shopping season is here, at least according to retailers and anyone who likes to plan their shopping early and/or likes to take to take advantage of blockbuster deals, many of which start today. (In this digital day and age, if you’re waiting until the day after Thanksgiving, you’re doing it wrong.)

However, not everyone has time to shop around or look for the newest items on the market that could appeal to the people on their gift lists (or for themselves, because let’s be honest, we look at holiday gift guides and deals for ourselves just as much for others). There is no shame or lump of coal in that, so here is a list of suggestions for anyone who desires a luxury lifestyle this holiday season and in the new year.

Elyx Gnome Shaker with Bottle Hat on Landscape
Absolut Elyx
Absolut Elyx

Absolut Elyx Copper Gnome Gift Set: He won’t protect your home, but he might protect your drinks. Meet Felix, the absolutely adorable copper gnome drinking vessel that is only appropriate to purchase as a gift (or for yourself) during the holidays. Each Elyx Gnome is made of copper-plated zinc sealed with an FDA-approved food-safe lacquer. Felix doesn’t come alone. He arrives in a gift box with an Absolut Elyx recipe booklet as well as a reusable copper straw. (Reusable straws are the must-have accessory now.) And, in an extra holiday treat, every Copper Gnome Gift Set sold will provide access to one week of safe water (140 liters) to someone in need thanks to a partnership between Absolut Elyx and Water For People. (Sadly, you’ll have to spring for Absolut vodka on the side.) SRP: $99.


Dyson: Is there a brand more synonymous with luxury lifestyle tech these days? Aiming to do what Apple did for computers and phones, Dyson has made it its mission to reinvent, improve, and glorify everyday home appliances into what look like mini-Teslas zooming around your living room. (Not to be confused with any actual challenges to Tesla currently in the works.) But this started with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, which despite its sleek look and impressive power display (with minimal sound), many critics dismissed it a few years ago based on its price tag alone. Well, it’s still around and is now something of a coveted splurge buy now. Originally released in gunmetal and fuchsia, Dyson has since released another edition in white and silver as well as black and nickel hues. SRP: $399.99.

Gjemeni: When people think of the smart living room, they typically think of smart speakers. While this couch might not be ready to talk back to you yet, it will keep your phone (and other mobile gadgets) juiced. (Not to mention having a quartet of extra USB ports could alleviate that problem of having to reach behind the couch to where the only electrical socket ever seems to be.) But Gjemeni has greater ambitions than just infusing power into furniture but transforming them altogether. At first glance, it look like the most luxurious futon ever. But a futon (or even a basic couch) this is not as its tufted form is covered in delightfully supple leather and a temperature shield—so it doesn’t stick to your skin when you stand up. And, unlike many delivery furniture brands out there today, there’s hardly any assembly required, although there is a white-glove service that will carry it into your living room and set it up, out of the box, for you. SRP: $999.

Sasha Binkoffs x Flaneur Bedding

Flaneur: When you get to a certain age, you come to appreciate the value of well-made bedding. There are a number of startups out there aiming to disrupt this space—many of which you might have seen advertised on the subway. But Flaneur—borrowing its moniker from a French term for someone who lounges around and lives a life of luxury—is aiming for the brass ring in the luxury bedding industry. Co-founded by two Columbia graduates, Flaneur is eyeing both a direct-to-customer and a direct-to-interior designer route, with a seemingly particular focus on well-paid millennials as the company’s portfolio includes custom-dyes sheet sets and duvets based any hue on the Pantone color wheel. Beneath the surface—and where it really counts with bedding, the quality—Flaneur boasts to be the only bedding company that sources 100% American-grown, extra-long staple Supima cotton, which the company describes as being rare in strength and softness. Flaneur says it “DNA-tests” every batch detect inferior fibers. SRP: $800-$950 for a complete set, depending on bed frame size.

Ullo: For your friend (or yourself) who loves wine…but is doomed to suffer from headaches as a result. There are a number of new gadgets, dietary supplements, and whatnot being developed and pitched to oenophiles to remedy such effects. Ullo is taking perhaps a more natural but innovative route by taking what is a staple in the household of any wine lover and redesigning it in a way that is touted to prevent such problems. One item in its portfolio is the hand-blown, lead-free crystal Ullo + Carafe. The size of a carafe you might see holding water in a restaurant but acting like a higher-end decanter, Ullo has developed what it calls “Selective Sulfite Capture purification” technology, which is supposed to act as both a sulfite filter and an aerator. The Ullo Carafe, in particular, comes with a travel bag and is sized so that you can bring it out on the town with you. SRP: $129.99.

Paravel: Maybe a bit of a stocking stuffer for the luxury traveler but these fancy packing cubes would come in handy for any winter travel. Anyone who wants to travel in style does not want to travel in clutter. Thus, Paravel’s Instagram-friendly packing cubes can keep all of your clothes sorted from door-to-door. The packing cubes come as a trio and are available in five colors. And all of Paravel’s cotton-canvas luggage products are spill-proof and can be customized with hand-painted monograms and emojis. SRP: $55.


Hook & Albert: You can never have too many weekender bags—especially when they are functional and look this good. Founded in 2011, the brand’s co-founders have been “obsessed” with redefining sartorial accessories for men (and just as easily appeal to women) with a modern aesthetic. The company’s flagship product that defines that ethos is the Garment Weekender Bag, a leather duffle with that offers garment bag functionality. Designed for an overnight trip, a weekend getaway, or a business trip, it can accommodate two suits, up to a size 46R. Once the duffle is reconstructed, the main compartment houses two zip accessory compartments and two shoe pockets. (A matching dopp kit with multiple pockets is also available for slightly more.) SRP: $595.