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Amazon Just Opened a New Store in California That Only Sells Highly-Rated Products

Amazon has opened its first “4-star” store in California, signaling its growing commitment to opening shops that only sell top rated and trendy products.

The new store, in Berkeley, Calif., is focused on products that have earned at least a 4-star rating on the site, are sold by top sellers, and are a new and trending product on the site.

The opening comes just days after Amazon debuted a 4-star store in Lone Tree, Colo. In September, Amazon opened its first such store in New York City.

There are now a total of three 4-star stores.

Amazon says the stores are a place for customers to discover new products, including consumer electronics, toys, kitchen, games, and home goods.

Digital price tags next to each item show both the Amazon Prime price for product and its list price. It also includes the item’s average star rating and the total number of reviews it has received.

Shoppers also see suggestions such as “Frequently Bought Together” beside some items as well as quotes from actual customers reviews.

Over the past few years, Amazon has pushed beyond its roots in online retailing by also opening a chain of brick and mortar bookstores called Amazon Books along with college campus locations where students can pick up their orders and buy snacks. More recently, it has started opening cashier-less Amazon-Go convenience stores, one of which was recently opened in San Francisco.

Last year, Amazon made its biggest move into physical retail by acquiring grocery chain Whole Foods for $13.7 billion.