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KFC Pays $11,000 to Parents Who Name Child After Colonel Sanders

A newborn baby girl in Southern Pines, N.C., has an $11,000 head start toward college, courtesy of KFC, after her parents named her after company founder Colonel Sanders.

Here’s the good news: The publicity stunt didn’t require the child to carry the name “Colonel” with her for the rest of the life.

Anna Pilson and Decker Platt are the proud parents of Harland Rose (who will go by Harley to her friends). The 8-pound, 1-once infant carries the somewhat lesser known first name of Colonel Harland David Sanders, who (like Harley) was born on Sept. 9.


Harland wasn’t originally on the short list of names Anna and Decker were considering, but after hearing about the KFC contest, they gave it some thought. When Anna went into labor on Sept. 8, they made their decision. Harley was born at 12 seconds after midnight on the 9th.

The money is being put into a college fund for Harley by KFC. At an assumed 8% rate of return (compounded annually), it would accumulate to about $44,000 when she’s ready for school.

That’s not exactly enough to cover a full ride, but it’s a good start.