Want a Game Console? Black Friday Will Be Loaded With Deals

November 2, 2018, 1:41 PM UTC

There are a few Black Friday traditions that never waver. People will line up at obscenely early hours for the chance at a discounted TV and video game consoles will go on sale. This year, though, the savings on those game systems will be especially noteworthy.

We’re past the midway point in this console generation, and that’s typically when companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo redouble their efforts to bring in the mass audience. And Black Friday is the perfect time to do so. So many retailers are offering discounts of $100 or more on game systems.

Kohl’s, for instance, will have two Xboxes on sale, according to scans of its leaked ad on BlackFriday.com. An Xbox One S with a 1 TB hard drive that’s bundled with Minecraft and $60 Kohl’s Cash will cost $199.99, a $100 savings, while the Xbox One X PlayerUnknown’s Battleground bundle (along with $120 Kohl’s cash) will go for $399.99—a $130 savings.

Dell, meanwhile, will offer an Xbox One S 1TB bundled with Electronic Arts’ Battlefield V for $229.99, a $70 savings.

Target will drop the price of the PlayStation 4 to $199.99 and throw in a copy of Spiderman, one of the most successful titles in the platform’s history, as part of its Black Friday sale. (That’s a $100 savings on the system and another $60 for the game.) It’s also knocking $100 off of PlayStation VR, which is being sold for $250.

GameStop is offering $100 off of a PS4 as well, but doesn’t bundle the system with a game. The likely popular deal there, though, is the company is offering pre-owned Xbox 360 units for free with a $60 mail-in rebate.

If you’re hoping for a deal on a Nintendo Switch, you’re going to have to be especially vigilant. To date, none of the ads have shown any significant savings on that system. The good news for bargain hunters, though, is Nintendo has lofty sales goals for its fiscal year and may need to give retailers the green light to offer occasional deals to achieve those numbers.