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Apple Just Added a New USB-C Cord for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch got a recent upgrade. Now its cord has, too.

Apple very quietly added a new cord for its Apple Watch models in stores and online. It works similarly to the previous cord with its round magnetic charger, but this time it uses a USB-C connector.

It may not seem like a big change, but the USB-C is quickly becoming the go-to cord type. Many of Apple’s own MacBook Pro laptops are shipping with USB-C ports only, which could be a driving force for the new offering.

The new USB-C charger costs the same $29 as the USB-A types that Apple Watches have shipped with in the past. However, the new USB-C version only comes in the smaller .3-meter size while you get the older cable for 1 or 2 meters, as well.

With another Apple Event around the corner, the new cord has people wondering if there will be more USB-C changes to its other products. Apple’s October 30 event is expected to showcase a new iPad lineup. It’s also worth noting that while it appears you can buy it online now and the new cord will be added to stores, the in-store availability isn’t until Oct. 25.