Sony Is Finally Allowing PlayStation Network Users to Change Their Names

October 10, 2018, 3:16 PM UTC

Sony is finally giving its online gamers the opportunity to change their names.

In the coming months, PlayStation Network users will be able to change their PSN IDs, Sony confirmed on Wednesday. The company said the name-change feature will be available in beta to PlayStation Preview Program members soon and will roll it out to the entire PlayStation Network community in 2019, if everything goes well.

When players have access to the feature, they’ll be able to tweak their names or change them entirely. Along the way, they’ll be able to keep all of their account data and friends list and port it over to their new username.

During the beta process, users will be able to change their names one time for free. After that, each name-change will cost $10. The company didn’t say what its policy will be when the service goes live to everyone else.

Players have been calling on Sony for years to allow them to change their usernames, but the feature hadn’t been made available. Now that it’s coming, however, users will need to think long and hard about what they want their new usernames to be.

That said, Sony was quick to caution that the ID change will be compatible with any PlayStation 4 game released since April 1 “and a large majority of the most-played PS4 games that were released before this date.” Games that don’t support the change could give users some trouble, according to Sony.