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Kavanaugh Was Questioned by Police After a 1985 Bar Fight, Report Shows

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was involved in a bar fight in September 1985 that led to police questioning, The New York Times reports.

A police report obtained by the Times shows Kavanaugh, then a junior at Yale, was questioned alongside four others by the New Haven Police Department after an “assault” occurred a local bar called Demery’s. Kavanaugh was not arrested, but allegedly threw ice on Dom Cozzolino, another patron of the bar.

Cozzolino also alleges that Kavanaugh’s friend, Chris Dudley, threw a glass at him. According to the report, Cozzolino’s ear was bleeding, but Dudley denied throwing the glass. Kavanaugh did not want “to say if he threw the ice or not,” reads the report.

Another of Kavanaugh’s Yale classmates, Charles Ludington, described this incident to The Washington Post, saying it occurred after a UB40 concert. According to Ludington, Kavanaugh and his friends mistook a man at the bar for the band’s lead singer. When approached, the man said something aggressive, and Kavanaugh escalated the situation by throwing his drink at him.

Ludington, an associate professor at North Carolina State University, said he is scheduled to meet with the FBI on Tuesday to recount the incident as part of their investigation into Kavanaugh’s background. While Kavanaugh claims he did not drink “to the point of blacking out,” Ludington told the Post that “there were certainly many times when he could not remember what was going on.”

The FBI reopened their investigation into Kavanaugh following the judge’s heated testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he denied sexually assaulting Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at a house party in 1982, when the two were in high school.