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Google Maps Update Aims at Improving Your Daily Commute

Google Maps has added a new feature that promises to make your daily commute just a bit better.

When you boot up Google Maps on your phone this week, you’ll see a Commute tab. When you tap it, you’ll be able to see live traffic information around your area, as well as transit information. Most importantly, the Commute tab will tell you whether your commute to work or home will be normal or if there’s something ahead, like heavy traffic or an accident, that could delay it. To speed up delayed commutes, you can also use the service to find alternate routes around trouble areas.

The new Google Maps Commute feature works whether you’re driving, walking, or riding a bus. It’ll tell you when you should leave and provide information on each leg of your trip and give you an estimate of when you’ll actually arrive, given all the good and bad around your area.

In an interesting twist, the update will also include a new music feature that will allow you to control Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music from within Google Maps. When you have music playing, you can decide whether to skip tracks and listen to others without ever needing to leave Google Maps.

The new Commute tab and music integration are rolling out to the Android and iOS Google Maps apps this week.