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Monster Employees Get Restraining Order Against Fired COO Over ‘Mutilation’ Threats

Ice T and Coco Host Smooth Magazine Cover Party at Boulevard - January 22, 2007Ice T and Coco Host Smooth Magazine Cover Party at Boulevard - January 22, 2007
Fred Khalilian and Ice-T during Ice T and Coco Host Smooth Magazine Cover Party at Boulevard - January 22, 2007 at Boulevard in New York City, New York, United States. Djamilla Rosa Cochran WireImage

Monster, the tech company that introduced Beats by Dr. Dre, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year with a “complete restructuring and revamping of the company.” According to a company press release, this includes a temporary restraining order against a former executive.

Yes, that’s right: a restraining order.

CEO Noel Lee announced Chief Operating Officer Fereidoun “Fred” Khalilian was removed in late July, following “allegations of fraud, theft & conspiracy.” Monster also secured the temporary restraining order against Khalilian “for the protection of numerous employees of Monster against threats of mutilation, death, and threats to family,” according to a company statement.

Monster says these alleged crimes have been reported to the South San Francisco Police Department and the FBI.

Khalilian joined Monster in October 2017, when the company bought out his online gambling platform, Universal Entertainment Group. At the time, Lee told Digital Trends that Khalilian is “a genius,” while admitting he’s also “an acquired taste, because you don’t know what to make of him when you first meet him.”

Fast forward one year, and Lee has a restraining order against that “genius.”

The reports against Khalilian might not come as much of a surprise to those who know his history: the man was banned from the telemarketing business in 2011, pled guilty to misdemeanor battery, and has been accused of rape, CBS News reports.

But Monster plans to make a clean break. Kevin Lee, the CEO’s son, is taking over as COO, and Mike Manske (formerly of Best Buy) will be coming on board as Global Vice President of sales. Monster will also be hiring “new financial, sales, and operations team, as well as new supply chain partners in the areas of product development, inventory and deliveries,” according to the press release.

Monster also plans to break into the home lighting industry, integrating Alexa and Google into its new products, as well as expanding its current speaker and connectivity systems.