General Mills Removes “100% Natural” Claim From Nature Valley Bars. Here’s Why

August 24, 2018, 6:37 PM UTC

General Mills has removed the “100% Natural” label from its Nature Valley granola bars after a lawsuit alleged that the bars contain a pesticide.

According to the complaint, which was originally failed in 2016, the bars contain .45 parts per million of the pesticide glyphosate, an ingredient in weed killer that has previously been linked to cancer, USA Today reports.

For some perspective, EPA guidelines allow for 30 parts per million in grains, and the bars are well below that threshold.

The complaint argues that given Nature Valley’s “100% natural” claim, customers would not expect that the bars contain anything unnatural, even in smaller quantities.

Nature Valley says that it has removed the claim from the bar’s packaging to “avoid the cost and distraction of litigation,” but that it is confident in the accuracy of its label.

Weed killers have been found in a number other products as well including cereals such as Cheerios and Lucky Charms as well as Kind bars.