Apple Plans a Cheaper MacBook With Thinner Bezels and Retina Display

August 20, 2018, 10:40 PM UTC

Apple will debut a new MacBook with a lower price and thinner bezels, according to Bloomberg.

The new laptop will look similar to the 13-inch MacBook Air and will feature the higher-resolution Retina display available in the higher-end MacBook models.

The MacBook Air, which costs $999, has long appealed to price-conscious consumers who want an Apple laptop. Although Apple added a faster processor to the MacBook Air last year, it hasn’t made a significant upgrade to the model in several years.

Macbook Airs also have a silver bezel bordering the laptop’s display. The new Macbook will reportedly maintain the 13-inch display screen, only with a narrower bezel surrounding it.

Apple sells MacBooks with Retina display that start at $1,299.

Apple will also introduce a “professional-focused upgrade” to its Mac mini desktop computers, Bloomberg said, without offering more details. The Mac mini hasn’t been updated since 2014. Apple CEO Tim Cook has reassured its fans that the computer will be an “important part” of Apple’s lineup.

The new Mac models will be unveiled later this year, likely in October, Bloomberg said. Apple is also expected to announce new iPhones, iPad Pros, and Apple Watches sometime next month.

Mac laptops and desktops traditionally account for about a tenth of Apple’s revenue. In Apple’s most recent quarter, however, the company sold 3.7 million Macs, the slowest quarter for Mac sales in eight years. Introducing lower-priced MacBook could increase sales.