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Leak Reveals Apple Face ID on iOS 12 Could Recognize Two Different People

With Apple’s WWDC 2018 keynote in the books, users were given a glimpse into the newest software: iOS 12.

The company announced exciting features such as augmented reality capabilities, grouped notifications and FaceTime, programs to track screen time, and even a smarter Siri.

But one of the most compelling features of the new software made a much quieter debut at the WWDC.

With early access to iOS 12 before its official public release coming in September, developer Guilherme Rambo hinted at a few references within the iOS 12 beta that pointed to the possibility of Face ID on the iPad, including a setup page and settings menu.

Along with speculation of a new iPad with Face ID and no home button, 9to5Mac reports that the iOS 12 beta also reveals an “Alternative Appearance” feature in the Face ID settings.

While Touch ID supports the fingerprints of multiple users, Face ID has been restricted to a single user. However, this new feature seems to be designed to recognize various appearances.

This new Face ID feature might mean enhanced detection of the same user with the addition of hats and glasses, but testers have found it also works on an entirely different face.

Multiple face recognition for Face ID could boost the overall accessibility of iPads in both family and educational settings.

While none of these features have been officially confirmed, this leak is the biggest lead on the possibility of a new and improved Apple iPad in the pipeline.