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This GIF Compares Touch ID to Face ID, Side-by-Side, In Action

Apple’s new Face ID function debuts with the iPhone X and people have some concerns: Will it be sensitive to sunlight? Will it be secure? Will it be thrown off by scarves and hats? Will it be fast enough?

Remember, Touch ID was met with the same initial skepticism when it was released four years ago and quickly won users over with its ease and speed.

Several years later, Touch ID is really fast. But in its first iteration, Face ID is already far behind—and this GIF, captured by a Reddit user from an AppleInside YouTube video, demonstrates just how much it lags behind Touch ID:

A person compares Apple iPhone 8 Touch ID with iPhone X Face ID
A person simultaneously demonstrates iPhone 8 Touch ID and iPhone X Face ID. YouTube/AppleInsider

Some Reddit users responded positively to the thread. “Face ID will allow seamless periodic security checks at any point while operating the system,” a user wrote in the thread. “Imagine if you have some selfies you don’t want anyone but yourself to see.”

Others remain skeptical. “Im super looking forward to my iPhone X, but I’m going to miss Touch ID so much,” a user added. “Face ID simply won’t be as seamless (phone is laying on the table, not at right angle, etc). Even with wet hands, sweaty fingers, etc. I think Touch ID has failed me like maybe twice since the iPhone 6s.”